13th Robert Jacobsen Prize

Eva Rothschild

13th Robert Jacobsen Prize of the Würth Foundation 2018/19

Sculpture as an Interruption of Space
Three new acquisitions of the Würth Collection

"Eva Rothschild’s works enter into a direct and dynamic dialogue with the viewer,” according to the comments of the jury of the 2018/19 Robert Jacobsen Prize. Their graphic formal idiom initially recalls Minimal Art of the 1960s and 70s, which it continues with compositional clarity and stringency. The Irish sculptor Eva Rothschild (*1971, in Dublin) will be awarded the 13th Robert Jacobsen Prize of the Würth Foundation on 30 October 2019. This prize is presented to a contemporary sculptor every two years.

In Rothschild‘s world of objects, basic geometrical forms like the circle, square or line encounter a surprising mix of materials: metal, Plexiglas, wood, leather, paper, composites. In combination with her works’ strong signal colours, these materials seem both robust and fragile, captivating the eye of the viewer, confusing and playing with it – a parallel to the prize’s name-giver, the Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen, whose work complex adds rhythm to the forecourt of the company headquarters and the Museum Würth in Künzelsau-Gaisbach. Like Jacobsen’s works Rothschild’s also invite viewers – be it in the public domain or in a classical exhibition space – on a highly charged journey, an interruption of space.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, a presentation with new acquisitions of works by Eva Rothschild in the Würth Collection will be on show at Museum Würth.

Swiridoff Verlag will publish a brochure on the artist to mark the prize giving.

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