Museum Würth 2

Designed by David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin, Museum Würth 2 in Carmen Würth Forum nestles gracefully in the cultivated Hohenlohe countryside.

Housing about 1000 square meters of exhibition space, the museum is an elongated rectangle extending from the glass cube of the Culture and Congress Center, opened in 2017. Five-meter high daylit spaces provide ideal conditions for the multifarious works of the Würth Collection, ensuring subtle changes in illumination that create a vital atmosphere. A transverse space at the end of the main hall, the Belvedere (It. bel vedere, beautiful view), is completely glassed in to the southeast direction. It opens out on the park area and its sculptures, forming a gentle transition between interior and exterior, and inviting visitors to enjoy the interplay of the Hohenlohe landscape, art and architecture. The architectural connection between congress and museum building in Carmen Würth Forum forms an interior court, where the museum shop and Café Atrium are located, perfect spots to take a break.


The opening of Museum Würth 2 will mark a further expansion of the extraordinary variety of offers for cultural experiences at the Carmen Würth Forum in the shape of fine art, which has long represented the heart of cultural engagement at Würth. Learn more


Occupying Chipperfield's elegant, lucidly designed architecture, the Carmen Würth Forum offers a multifunctional conference auditorium for 2,500 participants and an intimate chamber music hall seating 580, new combinable conference rooms for up to 700 persons, and Museum Würth 2. In short, this is both a conference center of the first rank and a site for selected events, congresses, lectures, company meetings, galas, and other gatherings. Learn more