Würth and the Outdoor Arts

Modern and contemporary sculpture has long held a special place in the Würth Collection. This is reflected not only in the spacious Sculpture Garden at Carmen Würth Forum but also in the numerous sculptural works flanking the paths on the company campus that invite visitors to take a stroll and discover exciting aspects of the collection. During your visit, you have the opportunity to use the App Würth Collection to get information on the works of the Sculpture Garden and on the corporate campus on your smartphone or loan device.


Jaume Plensa: WE, 2009, White painted steel, 500 x 340 x 360 cm, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 14614, Photo: Schambeck/Schmitt


Anthony Caro, Cathedral, 1988, Stainless Steel, partly painted, 467 x 503 x 295 cm, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 15513, Photo: Schambeck/Schmitt


Alfred Hrdlicka: King Lear – The divided being, 1994, Concrete cast, two parts, 930 x 400 x 110 cm, Würth Collection, Inv. 4701, Photo: Schambeck/Schmitt


Tony Cragg: Points of View, 2013, Bronze, three parts, 700 x 200 x 200 cm each, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 16698, Photo: Julia Schambeck/Ulrich Schmitt


Anish Kapoor: Untitled, 2004, black granite, 276 x 130 x 87 cm, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 8616, Photo; Schambeck/Schmitt


Georg Baselitz: Yellow Song, 2013, Bronze, patinated, 306,5 x 146,5 x 109 cm, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 16917, Photo: Schambeck/Schmitt

 de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle: Blue Dancing Nana, 1995, Polyester, painted, 620 x 490 x 240 cm, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 17523, Photo: Niki de Saint Phalle


Lun Tuchnowski: Chair, 2018, Bronze, and The Bub-Alloyman, 2018, Aluminiumguss, 115 x 77 x 90 cm each, Carmen Würth Collection, Inv. 18000 and 18001, Photo: Julia Schambeck/Ulrich Schmitt


Eduardo Chillida: Basoa III, 1989, Steel, 370 x 200 x 200 cm, Sammlung Würth, Inv. 3758, Photo: Schambeck/Schmitt