Architecture at Würth

The architectural and social culture that is reflected by the buildings of the Würth Group does not only evidence the rapid company development of the Group. They are also examples of the industrial architecture of the respective country in the time of construction. The strict decentralized organization of the Group finds expression in the buildings which were implemented after inviting tenders from all over the country in architectural competitions. This approach resulted in extraordinary designs of distinct individuality. The buildings are embedded in the Würth context by the homogeneous color concept.



The overall renovation of Johanniterkirche (a secularized church building from the 12th century), which lasted several years and was sponsored by Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, has now been completed. The refurbishment comprised the installation of state-of-the-art equipment, security, air-conditioning and sanitary facilities in accordance with the most sophisticated museum standards as well as the restoration of the original Gothic roofing from 1400/01 suited to the needs of a listed building. The roof has turned out to be the oldest of its kind in Southern Germany. Numerous architectural changes, which were added in an inexpert manner throughout the eventful history of secular use, had to be removed. Decorating elements had to be uncovered and cleaned. The natural stone façade had to be restored, the ridge ribs of the choir and the jambs of the tracery windows in the interior to be preserved and the roof structure to be exposed so that the building can be experienced again in its original form, beauty and quality.

The now secularized church building of Johanniterkirche underwent extensive restoration as a historic monument which even won the Hugo Häring Award 2011. As a consequence, Johanniterkirche - an associated gallery of Kunsthalle Würth since 2008 - has become the ideal place for the renowned collection of Old Masters in the Würth Collection. Some preserved exhibits of its former equipment could be returned as permanent loans.