Abilities! Art by special people in the Würth Collection

Current Exhibition

Abilities! Art by special people in the Würth Collection

Museum Würth, Künzelsau

12 February - 17 September 2023

Extended until December 3, 2023

11 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily


Admission free


Expressive, abstract, figurative, conceptual, realistic, restrained, colorful, loud, profound - there are many ways to describe art. Art is diverse and the creation of art is usuallya direct expression of inner images and dreams, displayed outwardly as an indivifual action. The artists themselves are just as diverse as their art and, regardless of their background, orientation, or career, they should be given an opportunity to show their artworks to an unbiased, wider public.

And so exhibitions of artworks by people with disabilities face a dilemma: On the one hand, a forum is to be created in which their art can be exhibited, viewed, and discussed, yet on the other hand, the “special” or “disability” label pigeonholes these artists, marking them as outsiders of the “normal” art business and ascribes them a special role that prevents equal reception. However, as long as it is not yet a matter of course that exhibitions in galleries and museums will show works of art by people with and without disabilities side by side, there is still a need for opportunities to showcase art by people with disabilities as well as for a change in the broad consensus.


Since the 1990s, art by people with assistance needs has been a natural part of the Würth Collection and more than 140 paintings, drawings and objects of 50 artists from its rich repertoire now make up the exhibition Abilities at Museum Würth. Some of the works have already been on display in exhibitions of the museums and associated galleries of the Würth Group, some are now shown for the first time.

Various colorful shapes in acrylic and chalk on canvas

Christa Sauer, Ohne Titel, 2007, Würth Collection Inv. 11515

Former wardrobe, painted with motifs from the Lindenmuseum, Stuttgart, inside with calendar leaves, outside with attached drawers

Bernd Bukowski and Joachim Humpert, Schrank, 1995–1997, Würth Collection Inv. 17871

A black outline on a red background. In the outlined area are three further black areas. Acrylic and facade paint on canvas.

Harald Schulth, Ohne Titel VI, 1998, Würth Collection Inv. 5342

An object composed of different materials.

Martin Udo Koch, Beauty and the beast, 1999, Würth Collection Inv. 5574

A white rectangular shape with rounded corners on a colorful background. The background shines through the white of the rectangle. Colored pencils and oil pastels on paper.

Georg Würz, Airship, 1997, Würth Collection Inv. 5602

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